Hulk Storage Area - Best Management Practices

  • Hulks should have all hazardous materials removed prior to storage;
  • Wet parts are removed in Dismantling Area, not the Hulk Storage Area; 
  • Spills in area should be cleaned up on a regular basis. 


Good Practices
Here is a typical hulk that has been drained of all hazardous materials and had the valuable wet parts removed in the dismantling area.  
Not all hulks have their wet parts removed after they have been drained.  Here the drained engine (and transmission) have been left in the hulk.
This Ford F150 Truck has been picked clean. 
Leaks and small spills are still going to happen even after the fluids have been drained.  There will still be some residual left in the lines that may in the heat of the day or the cold of the night leak onto the ground.  This cannot be prevented.  The key is to clean up the spills as soon as possible when they occur.


Here is an example of the vehicles stored with the hazardous materials.  Customers and workers can remove wet parts from these vehicles and the fluids are spilled onto the ground.  Unfortunately in this case, the spills are not cleaned up.